Holotrop Interview

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Im debil Magazin findet Ihr ein aktuelles Interview von Holotrop:


Aktuelles Album: NAGUAL


Schreck is back

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Wie geil ist das denn…

Radio Werewolf Frontmann Nikloas Schreck ist wieder in Höchstform und führt uns ins Kingdom Of Heaven…
Eine Platte soll rauskommen, ich bin gespannt.

Minor Label free downloads

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!!!free downloads!!!

The first 10 Minor-releases are now available as free downloads (mp3, 192kbit, stereo), bundled in rar-files including scans of the most of the original artwork.
Just visit the webside and right-click in the „releases/01+“ section. Some are still available as physical records…

Dark Ambient Radio needs help – founding for the 3rd DAR sampler

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Dark Ambient Radio Vol.3 is on it’s way to see the light of the world! The compilation is currently in the mastering process (as for the first two comps, mastering is being done by Herman of Ah Cama-Sotz). Half of the money to release it has already been raised by the participating artists themselves, but we just need another 500€ to pay the production plant. Please help us! If you decide to be a funder and transfer at least 10€ + shipping costs, you will receive the CD right after production. (Shipping is 1,45€ within Germany, 3,45€ worldwide — and make sure your postal address in PayPal is correct so you receive the CD without delay.) Please use the ChipIn panel on www.darkambientradio.de to paypal us the money, so we can keep track of the progress. Should we not be able gather enough money till 1st of January and the CD won’t get released, your contribution will be refunded.

Dark Ambient Radio Vol.3 ist auf dem Weg das Licht der Welt zu erblicken! Die Compilation befindet sich momentan in der Mastering-Phase (genau wie die letzten beiden Comps wird das Mastering wieder von Herman von Ah Cama-Sotz gemacht). Die Hälfte des benötigten Geldes wurde bereits von den beteiligten Künstlern aufgebracht aber wir benötigen noch weitere 500€ um das CD-Presswerk zu bezahlen. Bitte hilf uns dabei das Geld flüssig zu machen! Wenn Du Dich entscheidest mindestens 10€ + Versandkosten zu überweisen, bekommst Du die CD sofort nach der Pressung zugesandt. (Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands sind 1,45€ und 3,45€ weltweit — und stelle sicher, dass Deine Adresse in PayPal aktuell ist damit es zu keinen Verzögerunen kommt). Bitte benutze das ChipIn panel auf www.darkambientradio.de, so dass wir den Überblick über den Finanzierungsstatus behalten. Sollten wir bis zum 1.1.2013 nicht genügend Geld für die Finanzierung auftreiben können und die CD wird nicht produziert, bekommst Du das Geld erstattet.

Dark Ambient Radio Sampler Vol. III

Dark Ambient Radio Sampler Vol. III

TRACKLIST (alphabetical order)
Aspectee – The Element
Aspectee & Sjelløs – Deep Stare
Crepuscular – Mechanised Cataclysm
Mortaja – Hypsoma
Mytrip – Small Humyn
Myth Industries & Sjelløs – Miasma
Nepenthe – The Inner Circle of Endless Slumber
Sjelløs – Fainting Memory
Stephen Parsick – Babylon´s Strange
Valerio Orlandini – Macerie
Winterbound – Fearing The Dawn

Today: Laibach Launch Web Stream „Kohle Ist Brot“ Industrial Suite

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Mining Museum of Slovenia – 19 OCT – 6.30pm CET

Laibach have announced a live web stream at 6.30pm CET (7.30pm UK TIME) on FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER, direct from very special performance which will see the band playing 200m beneath the surface of the earth at the Mining Museum of Slovenia.

Web stream

Laibach will perform three concerts of a selection of their industrial material from the early ‘80s 200m underground in the mine at an event entitled Kohle ist Brot (coal is bread) on Friday 19 October, further details are available at:


The band, whose recent European tour included the Monumental Retro-Avant Garde performance at the Tate Modern in London, and the Berghain in Berlin, will soon return to the studio to start work on a box set to be released on Mute.

SOURCE: Mute.com

Zoviet France to release new album, host a radio show

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(source: Soleimoon)

Zoviet France are set to issue a new album through Soleilmoon later this year. „The Tables Are Turning“ will be released on vinyl and CD, and more details will follow in the coming months. In the meantime, the band have just launched a weekly show on net radio station basic.fm. The hour long show, called „A Duck In A Tree“ airs Saturdays at 10:00 PM local time (in Britain), and repeats twice in the following days, after which it’ll be archived at the band’s mixcloud page

M.B. “I.B.M.”-CDR out on Final Muzik

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M.B. „I.B.M.“ CD-R (cat. FME3)

… A true experimental music classic by Maurizio Bianchi, originally released as private cassette in early 80’s and then later bootleged on tape. This is the very first official re-release on CD of this incredible sound-material!!! … Digislim package. 350 copies.

ATTENTION: Special prices for very first 50 orders!
Less than 200 copies for sale, € 8,00 + postage!

From FINAL MUZIK INFO 04 – 2012

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