Tower Transmission I

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A one day event of Electronic/Industrial/Power Electronics
17th September 2011
Puschkin club


Consumer Electronics(uk)
Job Karma(pl)
Gerechtigkeits Liga(d)
Last Dominion Lost(aus)

DJ’s: DJ Orlog(Duncker, Berlin)
DJ Francesca(Slimelight, London)

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€30 from (Paypal/bank transfer fees paid by purchaser)

Merchandise: Cold Spring Records(UK), L.White Records(Germany), Wrotycz Records(Poland).

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-Exclusive German show-
-First major show since 2008-
-Brand NEW sounds and LYRICS-

Philip Best is a pioneer of power electronics who formed the band Consumer Electronics in 1982 at the age of 14. He joined the group Whitehouse, led by William Bennett, in 1983. After a nine-year hiatus starting in 1984, Best rejoined and remained with the group until departing again in 2008.

In the early 1980s Best also ran his own DIY label Iphar, releasing compilations of power electronics. Through the circulation of these controversial cassettes he succeeded in promoting the burgeoning extreme noise genre.

Best has been a frequent collaborator with Gary Mundy on projects like Male Rape Group (1982–1983) and Ramleh (c.1987-1997). In 1995, under the Consumer Electronics moniker, Best joined forces with Japanese noise musician Masami Akita – along with several Ramleh cohorts – to release „Horn of the Goat.“

Best continues to tour as a solo performer and has recently released two albums under the Consumer Electronics moniker, Nobody’s Ugly (2007) and Crowd Pleaser (2009).

In 1998 Best published his doctoral thesis at Durham University entitled „Apocalypticism in the Fiction of William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard and Thomas Pynchon“ and later received a doctorate in English literature.


-first ever German Show!!-

“Ramleh are a key UK underground group. They stand at the juncture of disparate modes of transition, inheriting currents from early Industrial, freeform and 20th Century avant garde traditions while projecting various embryonic forms towards the future: power electronics, avant rock and modern Noise. Most of all they function as the central transmission point for Noise into Rock, for the infection of rock forms by viral electronics, inflating rock’s emphasis on implosion, destruction and renewal, its incessant devouring and rebirthing of itself.” David Keenan, The Wire, July 2009.
RAMLEH are a British Power Electronics and Noise Rock group. Their single minded determination to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in music has seen them hailed as one of the most influential and groundbreaking underground groups of the last 25 years.
Originally formed in 1982 by Gary Mundy, RAMLEH were the flagship band for Mundy’s legendary BROKEN FLAG label. Between 1982 and 1984 RAMLEH recorded some of the earliest and heaviest examples of Power Electronics, with many releases and live performances, including the classic “A Return to Slavery” album.
Subsequent releases marked the development of a new sound, fusing psychedelic guitars with electronic noise. Between 1987 and 1989 RAMLEH became co-joined with Skullflower (then in the early stages of formation) with both bands sharing members and recording facilities.
In 1989 RAMLEH produced the album “Grudge for Life”, with the line-up of Gary Mundy and Philip Best (Whitehouse) and featuring a guitar-driven sound but with no percussion. Throughout the 1990’s, in a line up augmented with Anthony di Franco (Skullflower, AX, JfK, Ethnic Acid) and Stuart Dennison (Skullflower), RAMLEH pushed further into the realms of Noise Rock producing albums such as “Homeless”, “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “Boeing”. In 1998 the group went on a long-term sabbatical.
In 2003 the group reconvened in a recording studio in London and have continued with the line-up of: Gary Mundy (Guitar, Electronics and Vocals), Anthony di Franco (Bass Guitar, Electronics) and Martyn Watts (Drums). The group have continued recording and releasing records and have performed live at venues in the UK, Europe and the USA.
RAMLEH operates in two modes concurrently: both as a Rock trio and in a Power Electronics duo line-up. Now, as ever, the group refuses to recognise the boundaries between musical styles and instead treat their chosen musical terrain as a playground of absolute freedom.
A new Power Electronics album “Valediction” was released in 2009 on Second Layer. RAMLEH are currently working on two new album projects for future release. The 8 CD box-set “Awake!” documenting the groups entire work from 1982-84 is due for imminent release on the Harbinger label.


A postindustrial group based in Wrocław, Poland, started in 1998 by Aureliusz PISARZEWSKI (b. 1974) and Maciej FRETT (b. 1973), initially aided by Jacek GROSZEK, who quit in 1999.
Their debut work relied both on the sound of analogue and digital instruments and devices (acoustic generators), as well as on looped trancelike rhythms. They gained considerable renown for their audiovisual performances, the imagery and videos provided by Arkadiusz BAGIŃSKI (b. 1969), a graphics, performance and video artist, a permanent collaborator of the group. Although stylistically consistent and following on from their first album, their next works were enhanced with more sophisticated ambient textures, snippets from film and documentary dialogues, radio plays and broadcasts.
The group employs a wide variety of means of expression, ranging from synthetically prepared electroacoustic structures and sampling, to distorted or processed rhythms or even melodies. Through their music and carefully selected and prepared imagery and videos they seek to deal with the dysfunctional elements of contemporary civilization, the looming war and annihilation, the inimical political and religious system and the slow decline of all values due to the progressive commercialisation of the day-to-day life of an individual and society.
Since 2000 they have been running an on-going project „RYTUAŁ,“ concerned with the effects of civilisation’s progress on the human condition, and involving site-tailored music and video materials to be performed at specific locations, such as a thermal power plant, a cathedral, a synagogue or Chernobyl. Since 2001 FRETT teamed up with BAGIŃSKI and together they have been organising the annual WROCŁAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL, a major contemporary event designed to popularise the contemporary varieties of industrial music and culture.


Gerechtigkeits Liga was formed in Germany in 1981 to create an outlet for the neurotic obsessions of its members. The group produced and released their first tapes, and videos and the 12″ vinyl maxie single The Games Must Go On, on their own record label Zyklus Records. In 1986/87 they moved their centre of operation to London. G.Ls first album was released on Side Effects Records, which was then owned and operated by Graeme Revell of the industrial group SPK. Throughout the 1980s the group was self-sufficient in producing music, films and videos. Multimedia performances took place all over Europe and North America. At the beginning of the 1990s G.L became partly inactive and didn’t release any new audio material, but towards the beginning of the Millenium, founder member Till Brüggemann felt the need to restart the project again.
Since then, newly recorded tracks have been released on various European compilation projects. In 2005 two of G.Ls early vinyl releases as well as some previously unreleased áudio material, were made available again in form of a CD digipack. Further audio, as well as video material was released as a limited edition on vinyl and DVD by the infamous label Vinyl-on-Demand in 2008.
Gerechtigkeits Liga, now based in London and Berlin, consists of Till Brüggemann and Ragnar, who work together with friends and collaborators, who lend their support and skills to the various activities of the group.
The new album Dystopia was released on the 12th of March, 2011, on re-launched Zyklus Records.


Last Dominion Lost has existed since 1992, formed out of the ashes of Merge (a project created by Dominik Guerin, founding member of SPK, and Jon Evans). With the inclusion of John Murphy (ex-SPK, Whitehouse, Current 93, Death in June), the transition was complete. In April of 1992 the recording sessions for what was to become „The Tyranny of Distance“ began (released on Germany’s Tesco Records). 16 years later, the opportunity arose to reform the slumbering project. With the welcome addition of Ash Wednesday (Crashlands, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Julian Percy (Ratbag) initial recordings and rehearsals began in May of 2008.
Last Dominion Lost. Discography: The Tyranny of Distance: Tesco Organisation 2004 tracks appear on: Statement 1961 „Hell to Pay (Warts and All…)“: Ironflame Berlin Bruit „Perdue“: Ironflame Schlagstrom Vol. 4 „The Shell in the Chamber“: Sleepless Records


The project Darkrad was founded in 2008 by a famous figure on Moscow underground scene DJ JanaDark. Being the only member she realizes her deepest feelings and thoughts in it. Experiments with voice, gloomy electronic beats and mysterious fragile melodies – all this is Darkrad. In the name of the project the word „Windrad“ is used, which in German means „Windmill“. The „Darkrad“ is a windmill, whose blades capture the hidden energies of a human’s soul and transform them into the dark soundscapes. For relatively short period of time the project had participated in a number of events in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Germany, Czeck Republic… The tracks appeared on compilations Absetzer, Industrial Madness, Rocoracle Magazine. The live performance of Darkrad is an ocean of feelings from the sombre corners of the subconsciousness, which doesn’t supress and turn off the emotions, but sharpen them to a sometimes frightening peak.